As life partners and parents, we know the feeling of “life passing you by” all too well. When we held our firstborn in our arms for the first time, we knew we couldn’t let one moment go by undocumented. From then on, we wanted to capture every single milestone, all while making sure we weren't sacrificing mindfulness and living in the present moment. That's exactly how we discovered our passion for filmmaking. Our heartbeat is to serve couples through filmmaking to help them remember and cherish the moments that matter the most forever, while allowing them to soak up every minute of their wedding day with ease.


Our Why

Approaching all aspects of life with zeal and excitement, and prioritizing what drives our “why.”


Living fully in the moment by appreciating the present love, connection, and joy of our couples.


Putting others first in selfless service & having empathy for each couple’s unique journey.


Our Values

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Meet Our Fam

We are like milk and cookies - two different things that make perfect sense together. With Danni’s warm extroversion and Nolan’s calm presence, we make a balanced team not only in our day-to-day life but also in making your wedding day seamless and enjoyable.

Charlie and Bear are the best of friends and quite the dynamic duo. They are constantly making our lives interesting, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! With Charlie’s fun-loving, nurturing personality and Bear’s adventurous and wild spirit, they’re like yin and yang. They both love going to Grandma and Grandpa’s for a sleepover on Nolan and Danni’s wedding film days!


We met while serving with a humanitarian non-profit, and as we worked side-by-side, we each had that “Aha!” moment; we knew: “This is my person!” After traveling the world, building a business, and becoming parents, we’re still on a journey of learning and growing each day and continuing to serve couples like you through authentic filmmaking.

how we meet...

Our mornings usually start with a wakeup call from Charlie popping eggo waffles in the toaster. Bear & Nolan are usually the ones that hit snooze a few more times, getting in all the sleep they can. Morning hot tub time is a very common occurrence for Nolan and the kids while Danni gets ready for the day. Then we have a family breakfast and get Charlie ready to leave for preschool!

how our mornings unfold...

SNACKS, water, the kids favorite stuffed animal, a change of clothes, oh, and more snacks!

we can't leave the house without...

When we’re not at a wedding, we love going to the Zoo, the Children’s Museum, or the grandparents' house! Chick-fil-A is always a weekend staple, which Charlie calls "Chick-A-Lay" and Bear calls "Flay.” We like to top off our weekends with ice cream dates or a cozy movie night!

our fav weekends always include...

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Preserve every detail of your day while staying present